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Project: Individual

Residence: Poland

Audience: Europe

Need: 52.000 €

Sławomir GOLONKO

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European Bison - Sculpture Installation

Skills & expertise

I live and work creatively in Poland. I deal with art (sculpture, installations) and design.
The hallmark of my works is the metal mesh. I have participated in dozens of individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
I create works of various types of metal mesh, static and moving, often illuminated. These are statues, interior sculptures and large outdoor installations.
Design - is a whole collection of various products (furniture, lamps, gadgets, utility glass, buffet systems).

The project

Realization of the ?ubr sculpture / installation (as well as transport and assembly - on a prepared site). The installation consists of:
- ?ubr sculptures (structure made of a metal profile, covered with a selected type of metal mesh
- rotating base (2-5 turns / minute) with built-in LED 12V lighting
The platform's turning mechanism is protected against adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, sand). Lighting centrally aimed at the sculpture and safe for people. The sculpture is identically illuminated, regardless of the observer's position. Also during the day, the sun's rays will reflect off the moving sculpture. The figure of a bison is just one of many proposals that can be made and placed on a rotating, illuminated platform.The installation can be a beautiful showcase of a region, city, business center, company, visible from a distance. Also as an attraction for tourists (taking pictures on a rotating platform). The sculpture and the rotating platform are made of stainless steel.

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You are the owner of this sculpture / installation.
I have twenty years of experience working with metal mesh. For many years I have cooperated with Progressarch (producer of various types of meshes and solutions for architecture). We were looking for various solutions for the use of metal mesh in architecture. I have used many types of metal mesh (in terms of patterns, fabrication, material and finish). As one of the first artists / designers, I started to combine metal mesh with other material

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Sławomir Golonko

Sławomir Golonko