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Mauricio ROZO

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We're all the same

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The We're all the same Project aims to show many faces in many colours. It is not our skin. It is not our way of thinking that differentiates us.
Our feelings are ours to feel. Our hopes and our cultures although different, bring us all together.
A communion of minds, hearts and souls that transcend language.
Those who speak for us are our eyes. Colours are present in our everyday life, and unique to us. They show us the true nature of our spirit. They show us we are the same. In colour we shine. In colour we feel. In colour we are we. I am I.

When I started this project we are unique. We are different. This is my project. That is why I started it.
To show through the beautiful lenses of colour we are one. We are we unique. Sadly differences have been manipulated to do a lot of damage.
This must change. We have gone a long way. It is not enough. Time is running out. We can be an i a he a she... we can be us, be different. Be unique. Take action and shine. In colour.

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Mauricio Rozo

Mauricio Rozo