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Project: Individual

Residence: United States

Audience: Worldwide

Need: 5.000 €

Robert WAVRA

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Joint promotion of wildlife art

Skills & expertise

Robert has painted throughout his life and is currently a professional landscape and wildlife artist. Bob is basically a self-taught artist and has developed his talent and style of painting over many years.
Growing up Bob always enjoyed the outdoors. As a young boy he spent much of his time in the countryside observing and learning about nature and wildlife. It’s those experiences that have given him a deep respect and sincere appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

The project

I would like a person, or a corporation or an organization to help me promote the sale of limited edition prints of my wildlife art. A percentage of each sale would be donated to a worthy cause of the sponsor and approved by me.. I may also create new wildlife artwork that is of interest to the sponsor.

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Visibility for my sponsor

Advertising and promotion of wildlife art on the Internet. The art can be viewed and purchased

Requested material or service

I need a sponsor to promote prints of my artwork.

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Robert Wavra

Robert Wavra